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Adventure Destinations of Northern Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Best Spots for Hiking  

B&H is a country of many possibilities for adventure destinations, and by many I mean forests, mountains, rivers, and the true richness of nature.

If you are an adventurer, or seeking for your peace of mind, or both, Bosnian Mountains will do their best to welcome and please you in your adventure destinations. There are so many peaks which exceed the height of 1500 m. Here are a few adventure destinations for you to choose.

Sator Mountain


Sator Mountain

SATOR is a mountain settled on the eastern side of Bosansko Grahovo and it makes a part of the rim of the fields of Glamoc, Livno and Grahovo.

The highest peak is called Veliki Sator and is 1872 m high while its lowest part is Preodac with 920m. The name Sator actually means ‘tent’ and the photo tells us why is so that.

From the peak of Veliki Sator you can see the panoramic view over the Western Bosnia: Klekovaca, Lunjevaca, Srnetica and Javor to the North, the range of the Mountain Dinara and the Field of Grahovo, Vitorog and Cincar to the west.

The Sator Lake is the true pearl of this mountain. It is one of the most beautiful lakes which has glacial origin and is surrounded by cliffs from the southern, northern and eastern side.

Sator Lake

Bulino Vrelo

500 m to the west of the lake there is a spring called Bulino vrelo. There is a legend saying the spring has healing powers, and that it can heal your eyesight. Also, people say that if somebody drinks too much alcohol they can go to the spring Bulino Vrelo and wash their face with the cold spring water and they will feel better in a moment.

This is mountain with so many beautiful things to see, the mountain is attractive to people who love hiking, mountain climbing, mountain biking, but also for families who like to spend a nice weekend in the nature.

Cincar Mountain


Cincar Mountain

Cincar is a mountain in the southwestern part of Bosnia. It lies on a spacious plateau between four biggest karst fields of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Glamoc, Kupres, Livno and Duvno field.

Cincar is the westernmost highest peak of the Dinaric Alps with the height of 2006 m. Because of the great coldness, the peek usually wears a snowy cap during one half of the year, from autumn until spring.

The view from the summit is fantastic. You can see many Bosnian mountains from it including Sator, Vitorog, and Dinara Mountain with Troglav and so on.

Main characteristic of this region are huge grassy spaces: karsts fields, high lying plains or plateaus with very little forest. On the southern slopes there are almost no forest or trees just enormous grassy spaces.

As it is a very cold mountain where the winter snow holds from November (sometimes October) to May, mountain climbers claim that the best month to climb this harsh mountain would be October because of the exquisite autumn colours and great visibility.

For hiking and mountain climbing lovers these two mountains are a great adventure destinations. There are so many more so come to Bosnia and Herzegovina and explore them!

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