Airports in Bosnia

There are four international airports in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Sarajevo Airport

The international Sarajevo Airport is the busiest in B&H, but due to high airport taxes is not yet attractive to low-cost companies. There is no direct public transportation from airport to the city and you’ll be left to taxi drivers, who surely know how to exaggerate the cost of their services. If you have to use a taxi, it is the best to order in advance by phone or negotiate with the taxi drivers in front of airport. You should not agree to a compromise that is more expensive than 15 Euros.

Sarajevo airport is closed at night and you cannot sleep on it.

Banja Luka Airport

Banja Luka Airport has all these years been deserted and still is partly. From this airport, there are only two commercial flight for Zurich (BH Airlines) and Belgrade (Serbia Air). Cheap flight to Belgrade attracts more passengers.

There is a special bus from the city center, which follows take-off and landing planes from Belgrade. Price of one-way ticket is around 5 Euros but it is necessary to contact the agency.

A taxi might cost you around 15 Euros from the city center to the airport, order it by telephone. An alternative is to use one of the many local buses to Laktasi and from there take a much cheaper local taxi to the airport.


Tuzla Airport is a low-cost center in B&H thanks to Wizz Air in carrying out a number of flights and the constantly increasing number of routes. The airport is located in the village of Dubrava and it is about 20 km from the city center. For now, the most common type of transportation among the passengers are taxi, you are safer when you order it.

Constant daily rate from the centre of Tuzla to the Airport is 7-8 Euros and you should expect more in the early morning and late evenings driving. For those who coming from the direction of Sarajevo, it is not necessary to go all the way to Tuzla, it is more convenient to get to the bus station in Zivinice and from there take a pre-arranged taxi.

Although not advertised, there is public transportation to the airport at Dubrave. It is a suburban line No. 11 (Tuzla East – Dubrava – Kalesija) which you can wait in front of hall Mejdan in the city center. The bus departs every hour, starting from 05.25h to 22.50h, the ride takes about an hour and the price is 1 Euro. You can buy your ticket from the driver, the bus stops near the airport.

Mostar Airport

Mostar Airport hosts seasonal charter flights for Italy, which are mostly the pilgrims to Medjugorje. The airport is about 4 km from the city and the most practical way is to call a taxi service from Mostar (phone number for taxi is 1503, 1506, 1508). Expect a price of around 4 Euros.

Regarding to public transport, there is no direct bus to the airport.

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