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Jajce – The Most Significant Touristic Destination in B&H Jajce is a little town located in the Central part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Jajce is one of the most significant touristic destination with its natural wealth and cultural-historical resources. You will find yourself staring at the beautiful sights of waterfalls, lakes, towers, old town etc. […]

Things to do in Mostar

Things to do in Mostar – Meet Mostar As If You Are Locals Articles like my (long time ago written) of Mostar has many, the question is which is better positioned in the search engine and which you will read it before, but it all comes down to the same…. The Old Bridge This is […]

Banja Luka

Things to do in Banja Luka Banja Luka is dominated by the river Vrbas and Kastel fortress that was built on the river bank. The fortress has survived earthquakes and wars and is one of the best preserved in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Banja Luka is the administrative centre of the Serbian Republic and the second […]