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Prozor – Rama

The Medieval Town Prozor and Glorious Kingdom of Rama Because of its unique geographical position and the river that ran through most of the area, these villages were inhabited since ancient times. According to some private analyses of found objects on individual sites, their age exceeds over 4000 years. Glorious Kingdom of Rama How Rama […]

Things to do in Mostar

Things to do in Mostar – Meet Mostar As If You Are Locals Articles like my (long time ago written) of Mostar has many, the question is which is better positioned in the search engine and which you will read it before, but it all comes down to the same…. The Old Bridge This is […]


Vitez – Small City With a Big Possibilities Things to do in Vitez   Vitez has a very unusual name for a city, literally means knight, and is linked to many legends about its origin. The first written trace of the city dates from 1590, when the mosque was built on the ruins of knight’s […]


Meet Livno – Blend of Dalmatian, Ottoman and Socialist Culture   Livno is an interesting blend of Dalmatian, Ottoman and socialist structures. From the beginning to the end of Ottoman rule in Livno was built as many as 14 mosques, more than that, except in Sarajevo, Mostar and Banja Luka, was only in Travnik. All this […]

Sutjeska National Park

Sutjeska National Park – Primeval Forest   Sutjeska National Park is the best adventure destinations in Bosnia and Herzegovina for hikers, backpackers and travellers of the world. Bosnia and Herzegovina is exceptionally rich in greenery. Sutjeska National Park is its top-notch presenter. This national park covers an area of about 17.250 hectares. 66% of which […]


Visoko – A City of Rich History Visoko is a city with a rich history that goes back far into the past. This area was among the most important in the medieval state of Bosnia. The medieval town, which was located on the hill Visocica, at that time was called Visoki and its outskirts, called Podvisoki, […]

Adventure Destinations

Adventure Destinations of Northern Bosnia and Herzegovina The Best Spots for Hiking   B&H is a country of many possibilities for adventure destinations, and by many I mean forests, mountains, rivers, and the true richness of nature. If you are an adventurer, or seeking for your peace of mind, or both, Bosnian Mountains will do […]


Things to do in Tuzla   Tuzla is one of the oldest settlements in Europe with continuity of living. The proof of that is that they found the remains of the old settlement from Neolithic times. The first written mention of town dates from 950. Tuzla is known as an industry town, the city of coal […]


Meet Mostar   Mostar is the administrative centre of Herzegovina and its largest city. It has always had a reputation as a nice place for living because of its mild and favourable climate, with over 230 sunny days a year and winds that make the air in town so intoxicating. Because of its history, Mostar has […]


Things to do in Sarajevo Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Known for its mixture of different cultures and turbulent history certainly is the attraction for many tourists. The low cost of food, drink and accommodation and an interesting history are the reasons why in recent years the number of tourists in Bosnia […]