Transportation in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Form of Transportation in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Transportation in Bosnia

Transportation in Bosnia and Herzegovina relies on several main modes, including transport by road, rail and air. Bosnia and Herzegovina has 4 international airports. Rail transport is fairly developed; however, bus still tends to be more common than rail as a mode of inter-city transport.


There are direct bus lines from all major cities in the region of Bosnia and Herzegovina, from Croatia, Serbia or Montenegro, to Sarajevo, Mostar and other major cities of Bosnia. There are no highways in B&H so the speed of buses is limited, especially if passing through populated areas.


The largest part of Bosnia and Herzegovina is not covered by railway traffic, primarily because of the terrain, which is mostly mountainous with numerous canyons and sections. The structure of railway lines is quite bad so the trains are slow, uncomfortable and often late. On the other hand, trains run through beautiful landscapes and to one who is a passionate photographer the travelling can be very interesting and attractive.

Rent a Car

Many agencies in B&H provide rental services. The price of rental depends on the type of vehicle and rental period. A rented vehicle will enable you to explore the surroundings of B&H and the sights of the neighboring countries like Croatia, Serbia or Montenegro. Most of the agencies will ask you to present your credit card and a category B driving license.

Taxi Service

Taxi stands are located in the busiest parts of the town, with the taxi fares posted in a prominent place.  The taxi accommodates a maximum of four people. This price depends from town to town, it could cost little more or less, but this is some average price.  If you would like to lodge a complaint for the taxi service charge, it would be useful to obtain the bill from the driver including the valid stamp, the service given and the registration plate.


Bosnia and Herzegovina has four international airports. The international airport in Sarajevo is the busiest in B&H. From Banja Luka airport, there are only two commercial flight for Zurich (BH Airlines) and Belgrade (Serbia Air). Tuzla airport is a low-cost center in B&H thanks to Wizz Air in carrying out a number of flights and the constantly increasing number of routes. Mostar airport hosts seasonal charter flights to Italy, which usually transport the pilgrims to Medjugorje and back.


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