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Tuzla is one of the oldest settlements in Europe with continuity of living. The proof of that is that they found the remains of the old settlement from Neolithic times. The first written mention of town dates from 950. Tuzla is known as an industry town, the city of coal and salt. Also, is the only town in Europe with salt lakes and the only city in the world whose salt lakes and the beach are located in the centre of town which gives Tuzla the title of a tourist town.

What to see in Tuzla

Old Town


Old Town in Tuzla

The remains of the old town are still charming and as you stroll through the centre you will forget the industrial zone, which is located in the suburbs.

National Theatre

National Theatre was built during the Austro Hungarian Empire in 1898 and is the oldest in the country.

Gallery of Portraits

Gallery of Portraits in Tuzla

Gallery of Portraits has a permanent exhibition of local and international artists.

Gallery Ismet Mujezinovic

Gallery Ismet Mujezinovic in Tuzla

Gallery Ismet Mujezinovic is mainly devoted to the painter Mujezinovic. He was an outstanding painter from Tuzla famous enough to deserve its gallery and monument.

The Museum of Eastern Bosnia

The Museum of Eastern Bosnia exposes archaeological, ethnological, historical, artistic exhibits and artefacts from around the region.

Orthodox Church

Orthodox Church in Tuzla

Besides the many beautiful mosques in Tuzla there is the Orthodox Church, which remained intact during the previous war.

The Franciscan Monastery

The Franciscan monastery is still very active and the Catholic community is quite large. Just outside the city in the village of Breska is a 200 year old Catholic church.

Pannonian Lakes

Pannonian Lakes in Tuzla

Pannonian lake which was created in the near salty sources in the town centre was visited by 100,000 visitors in the first two months of its existence. Recently was built another lake Petina.  In that lake is natural salt water that also works as a natural purifier.

Picnic Attractions

Tuzla has several picnic attractions such as Ilincica, which is the closest to Tuzla, Modrac Lake, a large lake on whose shores are beaches, restaurants, bars, hostels and which attracts large number of visitors and Konjuh Mountains suitable for hiking.


What to do in Tuzla



The only ski lift in Tuzla Canton is located in Kladanj and carries a popular name Karaula. Thanks to sufficient amounts of snowfall ski resort Kladanj is well visited.  Ski Border Post is located close to the town.


Location of ski lift Karaula is very favourable for hiking and collecting mushrooms and herbs. High and dense coniferous forests through which walking paths lead are decorated with clean will water sources provide the right atmosphere for tourists staying in this locality.

Visit Aero Club

Aero Club Tuzla was founded in 1947.  The membership of the Club has recorded about 1,000 paratroopers, 200 sailors, 70 pilots, and a large number of modellers and supporters of the Club. A very important part of the Club was always just sympathizers, who are still welcome guests at the Sports airport of Aero Club.

Shooting Range

Shooting range “Pasha Bunar” was built in 1980 for the purpose of maintaining of the Little Olympics and for the needs of the Municipal Shooting Alliance Tuzla, which at that time counted 42 shooting clubs. Shooting range “Pasha Bunar” represents a major sports facility that is suitable for all types of shooting competitions and training.


Mountain bike club “Extreme” was founded in 2011, by young activists, fans of cycling. Club since its establishment every week brings together amateurs who with lead by experienced cyclists visiting all regions of Tuzla.

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