Visoko – A City of Rich History

Visoko is a city with a rich history that goes back far into the past. This area was among the most important in the medieval state of Bosnia. The medieval town, which was located on the hill Visocica, at that time was called Visoki and its outskirts, called Podvisoki, while Visoko as the city started developing more intensively with the arrival of Ottoman Empire, and its development continues after the Austro-Hungarian occupation. At the time of the first Yugoslavia, the city is not too prospered, while during communism is significantly expanded.

Old Town Visoki

Old Town Visoki

Visoko is historic capital of Bosnian kings who had a strong colony of Dubrovnik and customs, which confirms the charter of King Tvrtko I Kotromanic from 1355, which was issued in Visoko. The most important places related to the period are Old Town of Visoki, its outskirts and the trading centre Podvisoki, Mile as a coronation site of the Bosnian kings, and Mostra that have been occasional capital place of kings. The founder of modern Visoko is considered by Ayas Bey.

Visoko was, until the 1992, economic and trade city. Today, this city turns to tourist attractions.

In recent years, Visoko is highly interesting to tourists as a place where develops the hypothesis of the existence of the first European pyramids.

What to see in Visoko

Pyramids in Bosnia

Pyramid of Sun

Pyramids in Bosnia

Pyramids in Bosnia, or the theory of them, has roots in 2006. The theory assumes that the Visocica and two nearby hills around Visoko is actually a giant pyramids in Bosnia, built by human hands within a period of between 12 000 and 500 BC.

Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids is the world’s largest complex of pyramid structures. It consists of The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun (Visocica) which, with a height of over 220 meters is much higher than the Cheops Pyramid, then the Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon (Pljesevica) which is high 190 meters, the Pyramid of the Bosnian Dragon (Buci) 90 meters high, cultivated hills Temple of Mother Earth (Krstac) and the Pyramid of Love (Cemerac).

Today, this is the world’s largest archaeological research project that draws thousands of tourists in Visoko each year.


At the time of the medieval Bosnian Kingdom, Visoko valley was important trade, economic and cultural centre, and the Visoko was a university centre of the Bosnian Church. Old Town Cajengrad is medieval fortress and archaeological site that was once kept Bobovac from enemies.


Near of today’s settlement is site Mila (5 km from the centre of Visoko), which is thought to have been one of the capital site of the Bosnian kings, and the previous findings are confirmed stay of Stjepan II Kotromanic and Tvrtko Kotromanic, who was crowned and buried (in the church St Nicholas). For Mile are binds and the formation of the Charter of Kulin Ban, the document written in Bosnian Cyrillic, which dates from 1189 and which the Bosnian Kulin Ban confirms trade agreement between Bosnia and the Republic of Ragusa (Republic of Dubrovnik).  Mile has been declared as a National Monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In the Mile is the oldest Franciscan monastery that was built in the era of medieval Bosnia.

The architectural ensemble – Monastery of St Bonaventure

Monastery of St Bonaventure

Monastery of St Bonaventure

The National Monument consists of the monastery building with gymnasium and seminary, the corresponding church and movable heritage that makes the collection of old masters.

Franciscan monastery in Visoko was built in 1900, and was named after St Bonaventure, a doctor of theology, who was known for his humility and simplicity.

As part of the Franciscan monastery is Catholic church, seminary, a library with around 60,000 titles, lapidary with exhibits from the Neolithic to ancient times, and the period of the Old Bosnia, then ethnographic collection with exhibits related to the life of Croats in Central Bosnia – their spiritual and material culture and finally a collection of valuable contemporary art.

Museum of Visoko

Museum of Visoko was founded in 1953 and has several thematic exhibitions. The one which catches special attention is the display of local traditional crafts.

Serefudin Mosque

Serefudin Mosque

Serefudin Mosque

Architecture, the most valuable object in Visoko is Serefudin Mosque; the work of Bosnian architects Zlatko Coal. The mosque was built in 1980. She has won several awards, the most famous is international Aga Khan Award for Architecture, and the award of Hungarian architects who were ranked this mosque in the top three designed sacral space on European soil.

Church of Saint Procopius

Church of St Procopius

Church of St Procopius

Church of Saint Procopius was built in 1857 and is a temple of the Serbian Orthodox Church, belongs to Dabrobosnian metropolitanate and it is seat of Visoko parish. The Church of Saint Procopius was declared as a National Monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The architectural ensemble – Tabak / Tabhan Mosque

Tabhan Mosque

Tabhan Mosque

The mosque was built in the first half of the 17th century. Several times the mosque were rebuilt after the floods and fires that have engulfed the town, and in 1870 recorded is last great flood that washed away the tannery and a mosque. After that 1871 set new stone foundations of the mosque, with up to date retained the shape of architecture.  This mosque is National Monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Things to do in Visoko

Why do not try to hunt in Visoko?

A hunting ground that encompasses location of Visoko municipality is (around 21 340 hectares). It owns several hunting cottages and a hunting lodge in the centre of Visoko, with a hunter’s restaurant and Club offices.

Hike for health!

Mountaineering Club Visocica organizes hiking trips on Mountain Visocica, 2 km away from Visoko. On Visocica is Lodge Zbilje that offers about thirty beds, so that guests have the opportunity to spend the night in the Lodge Zbilje.

If you like to meditate, fishing is for you.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country very rich in natural resources and rivers. The fishing club in Visoko has a Lodge with a good restaurant. The fishing club in Visoko often organized fishing on the river Bosna and Fojnica.

Paragliding over the Pyramids is something that should not be missed!

Paragliding club “Black Eagle” promotes paragliding sport by offering panoramic flights over the Pyramids, tandem flights accompanied with a licensed pilot. Flights are designed according to your desire, ensure safety and pleasure.


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